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Jan. 5th, 2011 @ 06:09 am Another wonderful day...
As I sit listening to various songs by Royksopp. I can't help but wonder what lies ahead for me. Their will soon be a lot on my plate, and possibly my loved ones as well. I can only ask will it all play out the way I would like.

For some things it has been a long time coming. Some decisions that I have sat, decided, wavered back to indecision, and have once more settled on. It is sad how I work sometimes, but when it comes down to life changing decisions I weigh everything. It can be good and bad. If it is something time critical I am usually good at picking something and running with it. Even if that decision can take the long road to get there. All I am trying to say is, I've decided on some soon to be future options, and I know where my road is headed. Would you like to know? Of course you do... and the list begins below.

One, to retrain and get out of maintenance, and if that fails do my two years and vacate the institution that is the United States Air Force.

Two, work at my degree, and before anyone asks that degree will be a Bachelors in Architecture.

Three, start sketching and getting back to my artistic roots. I have not used my tools in a long while, and it is time to cultivate them again.

Other than that life is going, and going. I am saving funds, growing a baby sized investment, and paying my gross and disgusting credit card down. Short term goals are being taken down slowly day by day.

What else is happening in my world... I've broken out the ol' camera a few times, and have gotten some decent photos. I will continue to do so whilst on this glorious deployment (see item three).

That is about it for today, but I will be back on this medium before you all know it. Peace outside... for now.
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