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What about that little guy....?

That little guy... I wouldn't worry about that little guy.

Bobby Lee
1 October
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It is about time, isn't it?

Thinking about what to put in this block, well let's go.
I spend my time living the days as they come.. there are a few things that I plan for.. it takes other people most times to help me live life. I am structured... there is not a lot of things that I do at a whim. Most times I am helped along by individuals. I like it that way. People help me and I help them.
Lately I have been spread thin among friends of old and ones that are newly acquainted. I love them all and unfortunately I do not always have time for most of them. In turn this leaves them a little hurt and hurts me as well. I live for people.. my people. My friends are a big part of who I am. They make me happy and I hope I do the same for them.

Other than that I am a healthy person and I have been told by friends that I am sometimes too healthy. I like to live the "Dr. Cox philosophy" (from Scrubs of course), "the day you look in the mirror and see something great.. you've lost." I only live this in terms of my physical condition. It helps me to strive for more and to push myself. I believe that things get better and that is how I try to cope with everything when life is at its worst. It helps, let me tell you. I am sure this is lengthy, but hey it has to be.

Go forward.. enter my life.. stage left.