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Jan. 7th, 2011 @ 04:07 pm Things you do whilst deployed.
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The day is like any other my friends. (People I know barely use this thing anymore, but whatever.) I come into work to handle a little business, get my game plan together, and I do this while thinking about food and its ability to quell not only my hunger, but my irritability. A full Bobby is a happy Bobby.

There are moments where I look at this monitor, and I debate. I debate about purchasing items that I don't need. All I have is time to browse most days. I browse for material things that I have no use for here, but that I can enjoy when I get back. If I had my way I would purchase many things with the extra money I make while I am here, but then I wouldn't be a responsible young adult. I would be like everyone else... who those people are is beyond me, but I hear tale of the things they do.

The rest of my time is looking up things, research if you will. Questions that I haven't had the time to answer, or at least to look up the answer. I scour, and scour until I have come to that dreaded sign that states, "The End of the Internet. Please stop here, collect your things, and return to the starting point." It is a daily occurrence, and is welcome I suppose.

Ending this on a good note is the way I should make most of my posts. I can't say that it will always happen this way, because most times I use this forum to vent. Anywho, I will hopefully be meeting up with Mr Errol (freeadspace) tomorrow, and it will be quite welcome. It's been a while, and it is always good times when Errol and I get together.

Peace outside.
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